After-Christmas Sales


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If you’re unsure about buying fair trade clothes because, for one, they are mainly sold online and you can’t try them on – or because they are pricier than what you typically buy – then right now may be the time to check out the fair trade fashion stores. After Christmas, there are tons of sales. Everyone’s getting ready to release their spring line so fall and even summer clothes are going to be marked down, plus the holiday demand is no longer there so leftovers may be abundant. Take advantage!

I have checked out People Tree, Mata Traders, and Indigenous Designs (the latter is one I have yet to write about; that will come shortly!). They all have mark-downs right now, with shipping specials as well. And shouldn’t you have some extra cash on hand from those stocking stuffers and Great-Aunt Betty?

The Not for Sale Campaign partnered with AllSaints this fall and created some anti-trafficking t-shirts. You can read about the shirts and shop here!